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Our Mission
Savvy Trade's  mission is to build right connections, for her clients, leading to successful international business deals.


Our Vision

Savvy Trade's vision is to position her clients as global players in international markets.


Our Values

We believe that core values are important to our business as they build the cultural context in which our company operates, and shape the attitudes adopted towards all our stakeholders.


Integrity - we enforce integrity through our actions by conducting our business ethically and keep ourselves accountable by our actions


Value Creation - we strive for creating value for our clients by performing consistently to deliver economic results.


Establishing Mutual Trust and Confidence is the underlying key principle defining how we interact with our clients and stakeholders and how we conduct our business.




Deniz Senyurt, Our founder,  established Savvy Trade after witnessing first-hand how critical individual support can be for companies entering U.S. markets for the first time.


Deniz has more than 25 years of experience in multiple facets of international business. She worked as a diplomat and negotiator on behalf of the Turkish government during negotiations for Turkey’s E.U. membership and ACP free trade agreements. She also has a vast amount of knowledge and experience regarding the implementation of OECD and WTO agreements.


During her latest assignment at the Turkish Consulate in Houston, Texas, Deniz worked as a senior trade and investment development attaché. Her mission was to promote the flow of bilateral trade and investment between Turkey and eight southern U.S. states (Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas).


Under Deniz’s management, Turkey’s exports through the Port of Houston increased by 258% during the period from 2011-2016. While facilitating this massive expansion, Deniz also observed that nearly all foreign companies entering the U.S. market had similar problems: understanding U.S. rules and regulations, finding high-quality local partners, identifying the correct clients, and establishing a credit history.


Savvy Trade is designed as the local partner providing individualized solutions for all these difficulties. Today, Deniz uses her expertise to help foreign companies expand to enter the U.S. market, while reducing the risks and costs associated with this new adventure.  


Please see that George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs, International Trade & Investment Policy Program decided to feature Deniz Senyurt in their Monthly Newsletter of December 2017 as one of their alumni. 

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