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Business Development

When you’re new to a market, it’s critically important to access the right people in the right businesses so you can start selling right away. Using our extensive database, Savvy Trade will work with you to understand your needs and help you shape your marketing strategy accordingly.

Site Selection

A critical question when moving into a new market is where to locate. We have extensive knowledge of various U.S. markets, and we’ll help you find the best location for your business that will serve your company’s needs.


Based on the scale of your project, we will use our resources to help you get the best available investment incentive package at the local and state levels. 

B2B Event Management

Our team has extensive experience in organizing B2B events for visiting foreign business delegations.


We can help you target your efforts to bring the right companies to your events. Our public relations team will ensure your event attracts all the right attention and creates that elusive “buzz” for your company.

Project Funding

Using our connections at U.S. banks and expertise in finance, Savvy Trade will work with you to prepare your fund request documents. We’ll also help you find the best financing tools that will match your project’s needs and goals.  


On behalf of your company, our team can vet suppliers abroad to ensure product quality before loaded and shipped.


Savvy Trade can also help you search globally to find the best quality products at a reasonable price, which will maximize your company's profit while keeping your clients happy.

Supply Chain Management

In a very competitive world trade market, sometimes a well-managed supply chain makes all the difference in success. With our expertise and connections in logistics, financing and insurance field, we will ensure that your company benefits the most efficient logistics services at a competitive price.

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