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Savvy Trade is a boutique consultancy focused on successfully bringing international businesses to the U.S. market.

In today’s dynamic world markets, it’s difficult to know the “rules of the game” without support. To be successful, companies must deeply understand their markets and consider opportunities for growth both locally and globally. However, exploring global expansion is not for the faint of heart! Savvy Trade is created to provide custom solutions to companies who need assistance entering new international markets.


With its founder’s over 25 years of experience in international trade and business development, Savvy Trade will serve as your local contact point and support you by providing the key partnerships, financial resources, and knowledge to help your company grow and thrive.

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Savvy Trade assists clients in finding the best business partners to complement their growth, both vertically and horizontally. We provide a range of services including arranging promotional trade shows, organizing B2B meetings, consulting on key legal and economic issues, helping companies establish a legal presence, and pursuing opportunities on their behalf.

Most importantly, Savvy Trade works with companies individually to find business partners and prospective opportunities in global markets that work for them.

Our experts diligently will work with you satisfy your information needs in regards to the changes in global markets.


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Interested in finding out what Savvy Trade can do for you? Fill out this form or email, and a partner will be in touch soon to help you realize your business development goals.

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