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To make it easy, we packaged some of our services for our clients. If you need something else, please let us know ( we will price it for you. 
The Future

In this package, the following services are provided: 

  • introduction info on the US & local market, types of company structures, immigration visa types, schools & neighbourhood

  • setting up appointments with a commercial lawyer who will establish your company in the USA

  • setting up an appointment with an immigration lawyer who will help you apply for the right visa.

  • setting up an appointment with an accountant. 

  • setting up appointments with a bank to open bank account

  • 3-day package includes the transportations, accompanying the client in all the meetings that set up for them and the follow up with the lawyers and accountant to get the company established and visa applications processed.

For pricing email us at or contact us.


In this package, Product Specific Market Research will provide information on: 

  • local and international competitors and competitive products in the US market, their prices and product differentiators 

  • import and local taxes

  • potential target clients

  • import barriers/market barriers

  • rules and procedures applied to the importation of your product into the USA,

  • phytosanitary and safety-related requirements, standards, certifications required to sell it in the US market

  • distribution channels

  • general State based sales/import data if available​​

For pricing email us at or contact us.

Key to Success
Shaking Hands

In this package, the following services are provided: 

  • identify alternative locations fitting with your requirements. 

  • Site visits: Schedule site visits

  • Market analysis: Will prepare property specific market analysis reports including but not limited to location risk analysis and gap analysis etc which will help you to make intelligent decisions on location selection. 

  • Financial analysis: will do financial analysis (investment analysis, comparative analysis, loan amount analysis, target cap rate analysis, own/lease analysis etc.) on the property selected to help you make GO/NO Go decisions. 

  • Broker Valuation: Based on the data collected on the property, will provide you with broker valuation of the property.

  • Information Sharing: Support you with information so that you can make educated decision.

  • Representation & Negotiation: will provide “a-to-z” representation to our clients in purchase and sale transactions of the commercial real estate and will negotiate the deal on behalf of you.  Prepare Letter of Intent 

  • Contingency Removal: will work with you towards the removal of contingencies in the agreement. Assist you with Due Diligence, Zoning Changes etc.


For pricing email us at or contact us.


Savvy Trade team has the experience and knowledge of locating good investment alternatives for its clients. Working with Savvy Trade team you will have access to the deals (businesses to purchase, NNN commercial real estate deals with stable income flow etc) with high cap rates. 


For pricing email us at or contact us.



Savvy Trade team has the knowledge and network of identifying and securing the best available State/Federal Level Incentives that will fit your development/investment plans.  


For pricing email us at or contact us.

Reaching a Deal


How would you feel if we tell you that next time you have a trade mission coming in from your country to the USA, you and your staff won’t need to worry about boring details of setting up qualified meetings for your delegation? 

Savvy Trade team is specifically established for organizing B2B meetings for inbound trade delegations to the USA and we would be very happy to put our services in your use.

For pricing email us at or contact us.

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